Hidden Treasures

Recently some paintings by John Wright appeared in the Peter Francis saleroom reminding us of a group of Carmarthen artists of whom we can be proud. John Wright, together with Robert Hunter and Arthur Giardelli, brought a post war awakening of art to Carmarthen.

Together they were founder members of the '56 Group' - a modern art group which travelled across Britain and the Continent showing contemporary Welsh art. The group is still in existence and they held an exhibition in Tenby last year.

John Wright came to Carmarthen as a boy - a refugee form the London blitz, and was taken in by Mr & Mrs Williams of the Old Curiosity Shop and brought up by them. He started his training in the Carmarthen Art College and later became Head of Newport College of Art. Robert Hunter was our well loved Head of Art at Trinity College and Arthur Giardelli, an extra mural lecturer in Art, educated many of us over the years.

These artists belonged to Carmarthen and it is sad that we are not able to celebrate their achievements by showing their work on a regular basis. The pictures that the County own are hidden away in office corridors and museum storerooms and can only be seen on application. Its hardly fair for them or us.

John Crane

Reproduced from THE FRIEND April 1998

Dr John Crane

was a G.P. in Carmarthen for many years before his retirement. He has had a lifelong interest in painting and painters. He is President of Carmarthen Sketch Club and an active member, with a wide-ranging collection of paintings.

"Labour by that Singing Light"

Robert Hunter 

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