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Visiting the Past

Nimble Fingers

The Tanner-Boy

Carey Morris (1882 - 1968)

Y Lein Fach

The Lewis Boys

Bishop Barlow

The Penycoed Inheritance

Burial in Woollen

Bishop Ferrar

Carmarthen's connection with the optical telegraph

Carmarthen School of Art

Cottage near Llangunnor Church

A Country Parson

Great Zimbabwe

  Pontargothi's 'Painted' Church

A Country Vet

Old Welsh Measures

SS Great Britain images

Washing Skeletons

Bits and Pieces

The Owain Lawgoch celebrations

The Buildings of Rees Davies

Visit to National Library of Wales

Roman Finds in Carmarthen

Llandrindod Wells

Words and Names

A First for Burry Port

Channel Tunnel


Llangunnor Lead Mines

A Llangunnor Sale in 1857

Sir Thomas Picton

The First Picton Monument

Hidden Treasures

Welsh Emigrants

Welsh Gypsies

Dau Siryf yng Nghymru

The Millennium Chestnut Tree

Election in Carmarthen, 1755

Victorian Costumes

Carmarthen in July 1802